Earlier today – 10th November, 2015 –  I was appointed Head of Adult and Young Adult services at Plainfield Public Library in New Jersey. This is going to mean a lot of changes in my habits over the last year – I have been largely employed on a freelance basis for over a year now, and I will need to reacclimatise to full time working.

The truth of the matter is that this represents a set of new challenges for me. I’m looking forward to it, and I want to try to make certain I do the best job I can of it. I hope that I will also have the chance to help create opportunities for others too; whether in the traditional library spheres of reading, literacy, research and the world of the written word, or in its expanded universe of the book arts, visual culture, and culture as a whole (very much including digital media). I couldn’t be more excited about it all, and I want to bring all my enthusiasm, energy and commitment to my new role; at the same time, I want to steer towards synergies with my own practices and experiences, taking the chance to create book arts opportunities when I can, and building relationships and networks along the way.