Bowery/Houston St night out

Went downtown to Katz’s Deli and the Mercury Lounge, stopping once again at the Met Museum on the way down. I also obtained a $40 haircut from a taciturn Russian  gent in midtown.  A characteristically Russian haircut, too. Details within…


I decided to go an alternative route downtown which involved going uptown to the Yankees Stadium, thennnnn downtown. In this picture I have inadvertently captured another trio of sightseers doing their thing, too.

Caught the 4 train down to 68th Street and the Met. Some pictures of that…


This crusty looking fire helmet looks like it belongs on a performance artist’s noggin.


Speaking of noggins…


I discovered the panorama stitcher on my phone. Kling-klang the image to engorgify it.



It’s a pretty awesome museum.

Then it was haircut time in midtown (thought I’d walk a few blocks before I got back on the train.)

And off to Katz’s. Kind of a landmark Deli and a bit of trap with some $11 cheese sandwiches on sale. I did buy a $14 corned beef sandwich, but, hey, I’m a tourist. It’s okay. There were a lot of French people there for some reason.


I did take a picture of my sandwich in profile, but it was 2 inches thick and not for viewing by minors.

On the way down E Houston St, I passed an outdoor supplies place and purchased a tiny compass because I keep getting turned around when exiting stations. Roll your eyes all you want, gridsters.Then on to the Mercury Lounge and a double bill show of Jarrod Dickinson and Larkin Poe.


That’s a Dobro. I bopped around and grinned all over the place, it was great.