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As well as producing and exhibiting my books, I also regularly teach courses and give papers on subjects broadly related to book art.

Additionally, I work in the world of libraries, and I'm passionate about helping libraries get the most out of their artists' books collections, and making links between the world of reading, the history of the book and the things artists' books come to mean (and make possible) to their makers and their readers.

  • bookbinding for beginners : 'guerrilla bookbinding'

    Since 2001 I have been teaching this class regularly at Spike Print Studio in Bristol, providing a variety of classes from two-hour workshops to six-week courses that explore making books, based on simple binding techniques that do not require a great deal of equipment and are accessible even to children aged 12 and up. (The diagram shown above is one of the more complicated ones, intended for my adult students!)

    These classes are suitable for anyone able to cut paper and sew. No special equipment is required and the class is easy to set up.

  • rubber stamp carving

    Rubber stamps have long been a popular part of mail art and casual decorative craft. However it is surprisingly easy to cut these stamps yourself, avoiding costly reproduction charges and producing a wonderful graphic woodcut-like effect in the process. All it takes is a ballpoint pen, an eraser, and a scalpel.

    This simple workshop takes from 2 hours, and achieves results straightaway.

    Add a new printmaking technique to your arsenal!

  • printmaking without a press

    The lack of a printing press needn't stop you from discovering the almost alchemical power of printmaking. See how your work is changed through several kinds of monoprinting, rubberstamp carving and polystyrene drawings. This adaptable course can range from more involved techniques suitable for adults to simpler ones for children.

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I have decided to speak from the book, the place of my making”

Helen Douglas